Range and ingredients

Discover the versatility of almonds. With a diverse range of forms, including whole, sliced, slivered, chopped, diced and ground, and available with or without skin (natural or blanched), Australian almonds offer limitless application opportunities.

Nonpareil almonds are the most popular almond variety in the world. Its name means “having no match or equal - unrivalled”. The Nonpareil variety is valued for its light-coloured smooth almond skin with a distinctive sweet taste. They are very versatile use which when combined with their attractive appearance, makes Nonpareil almonds ideal in both its natural and roasted forms.
Carmel almonds are a soft-shell variety often used for blanching and roasting. They have a distinctive, fuller almond flavour with a long and satisfying finish. Carmel almonds are well suited to being consumed as a snack or as a versatile food ingredient.
Australian Price almonds taste sweet & buttery, great as a snack and as an ingredient. Originally from California, the Price variety is used to cross-pollinate with the Nonpareil almond trees. Price almonds are consumed throughout the world and is valued for its versatility for both sweet and savoury foods.

Kernel sizing

Kernel size varies across varieties and dictates the number of almonds per ounce. Shown here is the number of almonds per ounce for Nonpariel almonds.

Nonpareil almond sizing


Australian almonds are graded as: Fancy, Extra Supreme, Supreme, Select Sheller Run and Manufacturing.

Nonpareil almond sizing

Almond ingredients

From appearance to texture, flavour and overall application potential, the choice of a specific almond form can greatly influence the final product.

Australian almond butter

Australian almond butter is crafted from finely ground Australian almonds, ground to perfection to achieve a smooth consistency. The almonds undergo a process of blanching, grinding and blending, resulting in a rich texture that adds depth and flavour to a variety of confectionary and baked goods.

Australian almond paste

Australian almond paste is 100% pure almonds, ground to form a liquid paste perfect for almond milk and other non-dairy alternatives.

Australian diced almonds

Australian diced almonds undergo a prcise cutting process to create bite-sized pieces. Diced almonds are available natural (with skins) or blanched (contains no skins and are white in colour). Diced almonds are commonly used for toppings and baked goods.

Australian slivered almonds

Slivered almonds, crafted from premium Australian almonds that are blanched and slided into slender pieces. The precise slivering process ensures a consistent size, making these almonds a perfect addition for adding visual appeal and texture to various dished.

Australian flaked almonds

Flaked almonds, a product of premium blanched Australian almonds sliced into delicate flakes. Perfect for a variety of cooking applications, including bakery products such as cakes, biscuits and pastries, as well as tagines and salads.

Australian natural almond kernels

Whole almonds, whether with their nutritious skin for a rich, golden flavour or blanched for a smooth, ivory appearance, provide a delightful sweetness and satisfying crunch. Perfect for snacking, they can be enjoyed on their own or added to cereals, trail mixes or a variety of salads.

Australian almond meal

Almond meal: Blanched almond meal is made from ground premium Australian almonds. This product is fantastic for baking. Used instead of flour, it's wonderful for macarons, friands, cakes, biscuits and is a healthy, gluten free alternative to wheat products.